Learn to Adapt Links for November 11th through November 12th

  • TogetherLearn – From the site: "togetherlearn is a turn-key platform where knowledge workers can collaborate, solve problems, converse, share ideas, brainstorm, learn, bond, talk, explain, communicate, conceptualize, tell stories, help one another, teach, serve customers, clue in partners, keep up to date, meet, flirt, shout, forge partnerships, build communities, and distribute information."
  • A Critical Choice Regarding Innovation – O’Reilly Radar – Good post from Tim O'Reilly regarding innovation and the drivers behind it. It reminds us that collective intelligence is strong in problem solving and knowledge gathering, but there are other drivers at work behind successful innovation
  • Enterprise 2.0: Identify Problem, Find Solution, Then Tools | – Stephen Collins (who I had the great pleasure of teaming with to deliver Web 2.0 learning in Australia) posts an insightful entry on how technology is only the enabler for successful Enterprise 2.0: "Enterprise 2.0 is about the tools least of all – it's principally about people and organisations, the cultures within and among them…"

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