Learn to Adapt bookmarks for April 14th through April 15th

These are my links for April 14th through April 15th:

  • WatchingTV Online – Blog I just discovered tracking the move of television to the Web. If their theme is correct, this will be a "threat to big media". No saying how the convergence game will play out, but converge we will!
  • The Mobile Web Was Born Only Yesterday – I agree wholeheartedly with Michael: "So I disagree that The Mobile Web is dead. For many of us it is just coming alive." Just look at the use of mobil outside the US. The future of the Web is a mobile one.
  • Social Aggregators Emerge To Manage Digital Lifestyles [Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 Blog] – Dion's wonderfully brief post about the rise of social aggregation. This HAD to happen as social fatigue sets in. These will be a model for the future of managing one of our auxillary brains (our social graph(s))

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