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Learn to Adapt bookmarks for February 29th through March 2nd

These are my links for February 29th through March 2nd:

  • The state of RIA moves forward: Ajax, Silverlight, and JavaFX – Another dip in the geek end of the pool, but it is a great overview of current rich Internet application (RIA) tools that will be used to create the more engaging Web sites in the future. A handy bit of learning on Web tech.
  • What Is WOA? It’s The Future of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Another article for the tech lover's from Dion Hinchcliffe. It explains the new term he created "WOA" that captures how SOA models need to open up as Web services. For the geekier in your orgs, this means more ways to access info.
  • Cases 2.0 / Cases 2.0 – A great sight where anyone can record Enterprise 2.0 case studies. Only a few there so far, but will give insight into how companies are leveraging collaborative platforms for learning, knowledge sharing, and improved performance.

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