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Learn to Adapt bookmarks for March 5th through March 10th

These are my links for March 5th through March 10th:

  • Phun – 2D Physics Sandbox (Cool – Download This!) – What a great example of discovery learning, playing to learn, and "teaching" advanced concepts on the Web (OK – on the computer). If you have a geek-in-training at home, have her (or him) download this and play – boom – instant physics course.
  • Scope of Learning Responsibility (The Learning Circuits Blog) – I hope to have time to respond to this one soon. I think the responsibility of corporate learning organizations is changing as quickly as the way people learn is – all due to the Web. The new responsibility may be curator.
  • The Social Graph: Issues and Strategies in 2008 – Dion does the crystal ball as to the impact of social networks in 2008. Loads of insight and ideas that can easily be extrapolated to learning. Although, I don't agree on fatigue – people will tire of too many profiles and demand integration.
  • From Push to Pull: Emerging Models for Mobilizing Resources – A lengthy but insightful whitepaper from John Hagel and John Seely Brown from way back in October 2005. It begins (?) Hagels continued discussion of the organizational transformation needed to move from push to pull.

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