L2A Links for March 25th

  • Gary Hamel on Managing Generation Y – the Facebook Generation – Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0 – WSJ – Gary provides a great summary of how organizations and leaders will have to function differently once the "Facebook generation" is in power. I especially like #11: Intrinsic rewards matter most. Extrinsic rewards (read bonu$e$) are having a success backlash and may actually undermine performance and job satisfaction. Traditional organization structure and function is in for some radical changes.
  • Government Agencies Make Friends With New Media | Epicenter from – A very important legal hurdle has been crossed to free Federal agencies to start leveraging the power of social media. This will be a wonderful boon in fed's ability to share learning and information.
  • Crowdsourcing Examples – Anjali Ramachandran, a strategist at London based digital agency Many by Many, has compiled a very useful list of 135 real-world examples of businesses leveraging crowd contributions online.

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