Jeff’s bookmarks for February 14th

These are my links for February 14th:

  • Designing a Web-Based Learning Ecology — Informal Learning Blog – Jay Cross’s thoughts on building an ecology to support informal (and formal) learning. A rich and broad collection of ideas and new learning tools. It touches on much of how Web 2.0 ideals will drive the evolution of Learning 2.0.
  • Web 2.0 and the Evolution of Instructional Design – Jay Cross’s wonderful article melding the ideals of Web 2.0 with instructional design and learning. He covers much of Web 2.0 quite well, but only touches briefly on perhaps the most powerful concept: social learning and crowdsourcing ID
  • When do you stop designing? — Internet Time Blog – Jay Cross weighs in on ISD/ADDIE and how it needs to be flexible based on the content and context. His discussion is circular and what starts are castigation of ADDIE returns to a very ADDIE-like model.

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