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Jeff’s bookmarks for February 5th

These are my links for February 5th:

  • Obama raises $32 million in January – Yahoo! News – It has only been 15 years since we are at "Internet? What's the Internet?" and now it is the primary force shaping our society. This is especially apparent in this years political process. 88% of Obama's January money came from the Web.
  • Eons: Now You Just Have To FEEL Old To Join – So EONS takes another step towards Arrington's deadpool. I bookmark this for two reasons: EONS was an example of the vertical networks trend we discussed in Web 2.0 University. But now that trend may be reversing as people tire of too many social sites
  • Redfin: The Market-Leading Online Real Estate Brokerage – Redfin is another example of how the Web is disrupting existing business models. Real estate is one of the few remaining "protected rackets" and Redfin is aiming to end that. Since 2/2006, they've reimbursed $12 million to customers.

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