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Learn to Adapt bookmarks for April 22nd through April 23rd

These are my links for April 22nd through April 23rd:

  • Blog Learning : eLearning Technology – Tony's take on the power of blogs as a learning tool. True for established bloggers with the time/incentive to blog and who build up a network of cohorts. But for the average Joe's blogs give reflection opportunities – valuable, but not unigue to blogs.
  • Web 2.0 Expo Preview: Torture by Information Overload – This comes up more and more in the questions at the events I deliver. People are increasingly concerned about the productivity impacts of Web 2.0 platforms. If your employee Twitters all day, does her performance improve?
  • Whitepapers – Building a collaborative workplace – Anecdote lays out a series of steps for developing your organization's collaboration capability and includes a simple test of your current collaboration capability.
  • The Future of Technology: Total Convergence and the “Media Explosion” – Interesting bit of crystal ball gazing about how we will consume media in the future. Lots of interesting extrapolation possibilities about how we may consume knowledge and learning as well!

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