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Learn to Adapt Links for December 25th through December 30th

  • Time to Reboot America – – Thomas Friedman hits the nail on the head: “My fellow Americans, we can’t continue in this mode of “Dumb as we wanna be.” We’ve indulged ourselves for too long with tax cuts that we can’t afford, bailouts of auto companies that have become giant wealth-destruction machines, energy prices that do not encourage investment in 21st-century renewable power systems or efficient cars, public schools with no national standards to prevent illiterates from graduating and immigration policies that have our colleges educating the world’s best scientists and engineers and then, when these foreigners graduate, instead of stapling green cards to their diplomas, we order them to go home and start companies to compete against ours.”
  • Google, WalMart, and The Power of the Real Time Enterprise – O’Reilly Radar – A great post from Tim gets back to what “Web 2.0” is truly about (networked products that explicitly leverage network effects). Lately the “2.0” sticker is getting attached to many things that aren’t really increasing value of the network.
  • Adult Learning Styles – A great summary of the three major theories on different learning styles. Good to keep in mind during learning design. But remember that supporters of the universal design for learning (UDL) believes ideal curriculum design makes learning styles a moot point.
  • Content Sites Bracing For 50% Revenue Slowdown – Ouch. Perhaps it is time to revisit the “freemium” model?
  • When People Don’t Want to Change – Marshall Goldsmith – The great Marshall Goldsmith with a brief post about not wasting time on people who do not want to change. To help those people who do want to change, check out the Progressing Through Change tool at:
  • Innovating in the Great Disruption – Scott Anthony – Scott Anthony provides interesting ideas on keeping your innovative edge in this era of constant change.
  • Knewton Takes Adaptive Learning To The Next Level

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