Learn to Adapt Links for October 1st

  • Getting Web 2.0 right: The hard stuff vs. the harder stuff – Josh Ross shares yet another example of how technology is often the easiest part of the the Enterprise 2.0 Three Legged Stool. It is the other two legs (processes and culture) that require additional attention in order for the implementation to succeed.
  • GigaOM White Paper: The Facts & Fiction of Bandwidth Caps – GigaOM – Om Malik rails against bandwidth caps from Internet providers. This trend is the beginning to the shift of bandwidth as commodity. Soon this will be like all utilities and we will pay per use (just like kilowatt hours or gallons of water). The difference should be choice. I can’t choose my water or electricity provider, but I do have choice for my Internet provider. And the competition should help keep per MB pricing low.

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