Learn to Adapt Links for December 2nd through December 3rd

  • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills – Home – For the K-12 set: A wonderful site advocating the improvement of our education system to include 21st-century skills. From the site: "The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a unified, collective vision for 21st century learning that can be used to strengthen American education." They hit the nail on the head by stressing Creativity and Innovation Skills; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, and Communication and Collaboration Skills.
  • Moving towards the 2.0 “movie-going” experience – Ian Da Silva poses a thoughtful question about the future of movie distribution. This parallels many of the "converged" purchase models that I have discussed with my media clients. It will be interesting to see how long it is before you purchase your ticket at a theater and are given the option to pay an extra fee to download the video when it is released online…

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