Learn to Adapt Links for August 6th

  • Welcome to Web 3.0: Now Your Other Computer is a Data Center – Marc Benioff (of delivers his definition of Web 3.0 (cringe): “The new rallying cry of Web 3.0 is that anyone can innovate, anywhere. Code is written, collaborated on, debugged, tested, deployed, and run in the cloud. When innovation is untethered from the time and capital constraints of infrastructure, it can truly flourish.”
  • Building networks for learning – A great summary of resources regarding the learning applications of social networking.
  • Clive Thompson on Real-World Social Networks vs. Facebook ‘Friends’ – A great piece from Clive Thompson on “reality mining” that demonstrates the importance of “wirearchy” over “hierarchy” in organizations. From the article: “the crucial person who routes news among team members — isn’t the manager. “The manager is almost always peripheral,” Waber says. “It’s some random guy.” And that person is usually overworked and overstressed.”

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