L2A Links for September 1st

  • Enterprise 2.0: Skip the Pilot – Michael Idinopulos raises a very interesting point that for collaborative software to succeed you have to have a large pool of users, contrary to to “small pilot” wisdom of most new implementations. A very viable option, especially given the low capital needs to implement open-source solutions.
  • Stanford study: Media multitaskers pay mental price – Multitasking kills! OK – maybe not that extreme. But this research has important implications for Learning 2.0. As our environment is changing to constantly bombard us with information, the most important skill to develop is being able to filter out garbage – clarify the signal from the noise. If this research holds up, multitasking is a serious impediment to being able to filter out irrelevancy. Much of Learning 2.0 will need to focus not on content and application, but on context: how content is collected, critiqued, and validated before being used.

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