L2A Links for July 7th

  • FREE — Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government – A nice collection of educational resources available for free from the Federal Government. It will be interesting to see how this and other resources (such as continue to grow as the Feds try to become more open and transparent.
  • Facebook Users Are Getting Older. Much Older. – Watching nech tech go mainstream. Remember whaen e-mail and AOL did the same thing? From the article: "If the iStrategyLabs numbers are correct, Facebook, simply put, is not a young site anymore. Most of the users (20,3 million, or 28.2% overall) on the site belong to the 35 – 54 age group. Compare that to the age group that was once Facebook’s bread and butter – the 18 – 24 group – which is now in third place with 18 million (25.1%) users, behind the 25 – 34 year old group, which makes for 25.2% of Facebook’s user base with 18.1 million users. The number of users aged 55 and over has grown from negligible 950,000 to 5.9 million in mere six months."

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