An Interesting Foray Into Continuous Feedback

Greetings All.  It has been quite sometime since I have actually written a post.  Apologies for that.  I have been busy.
One of the things that has kept me busy is a new business, Lyve, I started with some organizational development colleagues.  We are looking at ways to improve the feedback that people get to improve their performance.  To test out a few of the ideas we had, we have created a little pilot site to have some fun in this re-election season:
Tell the Candidates What You Think
It is called “candidRate” and it allows anyone to give feedback to the 2012 presidential candidates.  There are six leadership traits and six topical issues that you can rate each candidate on.  Scores are totaled each day to show trends over time.
If you have a few minutes, go take a look and let us know what you think!

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