Off-the-Shelf Programs

The Concerted Solutions team has developed numerous learning and team development programs over the past twenty years. Some of these are in such high demand from numerous clients, that we have created “off-the-shelf” versions. They all include our technology advantage and use blended design to assure results. We would be happy to work with you to tailor these programs to meet your teams needs.

Location Doesnt Matter

Location Doesn’t Matter:
Managing the 21st Century Workforce

This learning program blends online learning, webinars, and a two-day workshop to address the challenges caused by today’s ever changing technology and work culture. Its strategisc insights will help your leaders manage their people and projects more effectively

Government 2.0

Government 2.0:
Using the Collaborative Cloud

This one-day, fast-paced workshop introduces the tools and strategies for government organizations to use the Web and mobile communications more effectively.  It includes numerous practical examples of successful strategies used by other government agencies.

Powerful Presentations

Modern Time Management:
A Tech-Based Approach

This half-day workshop reviews proven time management strategies from the perspective of the technology tools available to us today. An array of modern (and classical) tools to reduce stress and increase productivity are presented and evaluated.

Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations:
The Science & Art of Engagement

This series of practical workshops takes you through our proven five-step process to develop outstanding presentations that engage your audience. From informal conversations to complex scientific seminars, learn techniques to impress and compel.

Taming the Email Beast

Taming the Email Beast:
Strategies to Get Your Life Back

This half-day workshop provides practical strategies for managing your email it today’s constantly connected world. In addition to broad, time-saving strategies, it includes hands-on tips and tricks to use Outlook 2010 and other email programs more productively.

What Participants Say…

“I have been here over 20 years and been to lots of training.  This was by far the best training program I have ever attended.”


“[The instructor] really knows the technology and how shares great ideas on how best to to use them all.”


“The [assessment that was part of the program] provided me with great insight.  I can’t wait to have my whole team try it out.”


“Having the webinars before and after the classroom session was very helpful. Loved the chance to follow up on the strategies I tried out.”


“I can’t believe how much our team accomplished in just two days. No way we could have done it without [Concerted Solutions] planning and facilitation.”