Customized Instructional Design

Concerted Solutions Off-the-Shelf Programs

ADDIE_2_whiteOur rapid-deployment version of the ADDIE model quickly delivers outstanding learning programs. We blend the best of classroom, online, & webinar solutions to best meet your learning needs.

Our Rapid-ADDIE development process engages your team and subject matter experts to quickly and expertly:

    • Clarify the target audience and learning gaps to address
    • Develop and refine the learning objectives 
    • Design and develop the most effective blended learning program possible
    • Develop an online collaboration and resource site to support the program
    • Deliver the Learning Program
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning design


Clarify the Audience & Learning Gaps

We apply our Rapid-ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) model for all our instructional design projects. Our years of experience allow us to expedite the process and avoid the “analysis paralysis” that can often hinder a project’s efficiency. The first step in the process is to clearly identify the target audience for the learning, identify their current skill set, and then the gaps that exist between the current skill set and the desire skill set.

We work in close concert with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to clarify the audience and identify the learning gaps. Our analysis focuses on the learners’ motivation for participation in the learning; their desired outcomes; their preferred learning styles; and how the training can best be integrated into their job performance.

Develop and Refine the Learning Objectives

Our team will work with your SMEs to clarify and verify a comprehensive list of behavioral learning objectives. This is a key activity as it establishes important parameters for the entire project:

    • Define exactly what will be included to avoid “scope creep” and assure the learning focuses on the objectives most important to learner performance
    • Provide an early “blueprint” for the learning solution design that begins to lay possible paths and platforms for delivering the learning
    • Establish the demonstrable, behavioral objectives that will be the basis of evaluation of the program and the learners’ mastery.

Once the demonstrable primary learning objectives are confirmed, we will identify any secondary (enabling) objectives the learners will need to prepare for the primary objectives. As we identify the objectives, we will begin to identify the best learning order for the objectives and possible delivery methods for them.

Design and Develop the Learning Program

This is where the “art” of the process is blended with the “science” of the process. Given our knowledge of how to best deliver given types of learning objectives, we will begin to draft the design of the learning program. All of our solutions blend the best delivery methods based on the objectives and the audience. Examples of delivery methods that may be incorporated into the blended solution:

•  Classroom presentation/discussion
•  Classroom activities and simulations
•  Facilitated brainstorming (classroom or synchronous online)
•  Facilitated product prototyping (classroom or synchronous online)
•  Self-study materials (printed or online)
•  Online learning (synchronous or asynchronous)
•  Online collaboration (blogs, wikis, threaded discussions)
•  Action learning (real-world application and reflection on learning)
•  Expert coaching (from outside expert)
•  Directed coaching exercises (from learner’s manager)

For each learning program, Concerted Solutions will identify the best delivery method for each of the identified learning objectives. We will use a rapid design model to draft and overall design for the training program that weaves the selected methods into an integrated program. Our goal is develop a “learning environment” that will support the learner before, during, and after any classroom training events. We develop a solution design document that outlines all the elements in the blended solution.

Once the design is agreed upon, our team will work with the SMEs to develop all the materials needed to support the training program. This will include the printed or online materials to support the delivery methods listed above. For classroom (or synchronous online) learning, the materials produced will include a participants guide, supporting PowerPoint slides, and any supporting activities materials.

Develop Online Support Site

Concerted Solutions is a leader in successfully integrating technology into learning solutions design. Our “technology advantage” allows us to produce outstanding online resources and applications available to support the learners before, during, and after learning events. Fortunately, the expansion of the Internet and Concerted Solutions extensive experience allows us to develop these supporting websites and applications quick and inexpensive. As part of many solutions, we establish a collaborative web portal to support the learning program. The portal can include: course document storage and retrieval; group activities; case studies repository; collaborative networking (i.e., “Facebook” for program learners); blogs; wikis; threaded discussions; training and other videos; and photos and graphics libraries.

Deliver the Learning Program

Our professionals have been delivery outstanding learning programs for over 20 years. No matter what the mode of delivery is, we have mastered it. Our highly rated instructors keep classroom or webinar deliveries dynamic, entertaining, and engaging. Our extensive technical knowledge means we will assure every aspect of webinar (synchronous) or e-learning (asynchronous) online deliveries will be addressed to assure outstanding results. We also leverage our technology advantage to make sure learners are engaged before, during, and after the learning event. Should you choose to have your own instructors deliver the learning, we can provide detailed instructor guides and train-the-trainer sessions to assure they are successful.

Evaluate Training Effectiveness

Concerted Solutions will not develop learning solutions that simply “check the box.” Our programs all include evaluation elements to assure that they are meeting the behavioral objectives identified at the outset of the project. We use both formative and summative evaluations to assure effectiveness. Our summative evaluations are built into our products to provide feedback on the products design. We follow a “perpetual beta” model in our development: there is always room for improvement and we continually monitor and improve our learning solutions throughout their deployment.

We will work with your team to identify Kirkpatrick Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 evaluation strategies that best fit the audience, the learning objectives, and your performance measurement goals.