Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations 5 Step ProcessOne of the most popular learning programs we deliver is Powerful Presentations. We have been refining it for over 10 years. Originally designed for scientists, it has evolved to provide all learners a proven process to develop and deliver outstanding presentations. It comes in various configurations depending on your organizations needs: from an intense one-day workshop to a rich immersion program comprised of six half-day workshops spread over four weeks. In all the program configurations, learners develop and delivery a presentation using our five-step process and are video-recorder and given personalized feedback to improve.

For more information on the learning program, please see this sorely dated PDF flyer. (Sorry – we are so busy delivering the program, we have no time to update the marketing materials ;o)

Throughout the program we cite additional learning resources that the participants can use to continue their learning beyond the program. This page was created to provide a “one stop shop” for the program participants to access all those resources.

Resources from the program: