Progressing Through Change: Customized Programs

Is your team going through change?

Is your organization in transition?

There are many important facets to leading and managing change. Often the human impact of change is overlooked. We developed the Progressing Through Change (PTC) online tool to help individuals understand the human response to change and how they can progress through change more effectively. But the tool can also be used to help your team or whole organization adjust a nd adapt to change. If you would like to use the PTC tool with your team or organization, there are three ways we are happy to support you:

Use this Free Version of PTC in Your Own Change Management Process

If you are in the midst of change management process or simply want to discuss the change process with your team, feel free to use this free version of the PTC as you like. As long as you use it within the terms of our Creative Commons license, you are free to implement it as you like. All we ask is that if you find it useful, you send us an e-mail explaining how you used it and any suggestions for improving the tool.

Customize the PTC Specific to Your Change and Organization

To create a more effective tool to help your organization progress through change, we would be happy to work with you to create a customized version of the PTC for you. The tool can be quickly revised and redesigned to reflect your organizations specific change effort and to integrate with your environment. We are very flexible and will be happy to customize the tool for whatever your needs may be. For more information on how we can customize the PTC for your organization, please contact us at [email protected]

Develop a Customized Change Management Learning Program that Includes the PTC

Concerted Solutions excels in developing technology-driven learning programs that help your organization perform better. The PTC is just one small example of what we can develop to help your organization manage change. Whether it is learning on how to lead change, manage the change process, or manage the human impact of change, we can work with you to develop learning tailored to your change and your culture. Whether you are interested in classroom training, Web-based seminars, online self-study, or a blend of delivery methods, we will work with you to develop an outstanding program to progress through change. If you would like to discuss customizing a learning program for your organization, please contact us at [email protected]

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