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Change Assessment

Take a few minutes to complete the survey below. It contains 24 statements about dealing with the change you are facing. Read each statement in the survey and decide if you Strongly Agree, Agree, are Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree with the statement. You should not spend time analyzing each statement. Respond to each statement with your immediate “gut” response.

This survey is for your use only. Your responses are not being recorded. When you click the “Submit Assessment” button, you will learn about how you are progressing through this change.

Change Assessment

This survey is for your use only. Your responses are not being recorded.
1. I am not interested in talking with anyone about this change.
2. My preference is to keep everything the way it was before.
3. I'm excited about all the new possibilities this change will allow.
4. As my colleagues and I face new challenges, I'm confident we will be able to overcome obstacles successfully.
5. This change won't have any effect on me or how I function.
6. I shouldn't be expected to do all of the work associated with this change.
7. This change is disrupting things, but at least it is addressing important issues.
8. I would not go back to the way things were before this change.
9. The reality of this change has not set in yet.
10. I think this change is a bad decision and will never work.
11. I am energized and keep thinking of new opportunities this change will bring.
12. I have mastered what needs to be done to be effective with this change.
13. This whole change will blow over soon.
14. No one can make me change.
15. Recently, I've had a lot more energy to deal with this change.
16. I am comfortable and effective in the new environment this change has created.
17. I am unemotional, calm, and rational about this change.
18. I will let others think I support this change, even though I don't.
19. I'm surprised at how many things I am learning because of this change.
20. I've learned things in this change that will help me deal with the next change.
21. The people who decided to implment this change will change their minds.
22. If things had been done properly in the past, this change never would have been necessary.
23. I'm looking forward to working with colleagues on opportunities this change will create.
24. This change has stengthened me and my collegues and we recognize our new success.

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